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About the company

HalMod Heverc Group - manufacturer of modular hall structures

Our structures can be found all over the country.
Don’t delay and invest in the perfect hall for your venture.

We offer ready-made designs of modular hall structures with specific parameters – we do not manufacture hall structures for individual customer requirements.

We are a Polish manufacturer of steel halls - modern and robust industrial spaces created using a modular system.

Modular halls are structures that can serve as: workshops, warehouses, agricultural halls, production halls or commercial halls. If you are looking for additional space that will meet all your requirements, then take a look at our offer.

Our mission is to provide you with a flexible and secure solution that allows you to plan and build the storage space you need on your own.

We realize that every company
has completely different needs, so we offer you modular technology. With our solution, your steel hall can be sized to fit your current demand
And exemplarily fulfill its function.

Advantages of steel hall construction Halmod Heverc Group:

  • Safe
    because they are designed and manufactured according to current standards (ISO 9001:2015; EN 1090; Eurocodes).
  • Durable and robust
    because it is made of materials of the best quality S355JR steel and hot-dip galvanized S350GD+Z sheet with additional ribbing to strengthen the stability of the structure.
  • Multitasking
    because usable by practically
    any industry as warehouse, manufacturing, workshop, agricultural or commercial space.
  • Designed even for self-assembly
    because with repetitive modular design elements and simple instructions, you can build your surface without the help of fitters or construction crews.
  • Easy to finish and develop
    because you can use standard commercially available products for this (doors, gates, windows, skylights, cladding in the form of sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets).
  • Attractively priced
    the best offer of its kind available on the market, which includes all the elements for the installation and finishing of the structure.