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HalMod steel hall construction - technology

Modular steel hall structures HalMod are perfectly suited as industrial halls, workshops, warehouses, agricultural, production or commercial halls. Their versatility is made possible by the use of modular construction system i modern technology manufacturing. The elements of the steel hall are perfectly matched and allow fast and precise assembly (you can order it from us or make it on your own).

Steel hall construction - elements that make up the steel structure of the HalMod modular hall

Steel hall modules

The minimum number of modules that make up the hall is 2. Each additional module makes it possible to extend the hall by 4.19 meters. It is also possible to change the dimensions on an individual order by shortening the transoms.

Steel hall gable walls

A set of gable walls enclosing the structure

Additional elements

Optional steel hall components: mezzanine, stairs, gate adapter.

Steel hall construction - modular technology

HalMod steel hall modules are developed to make the construction process as easy as possible while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. Prefabricated modules of selected dimensions allow you to quickly erect a structure with an area tailored to your needs.

Dimensions of HalMod steel hall module

The width of the standard HalMod steel hall module:

  • steel halls with a width of 6 m
  • steel halls with a width of 7 m
  • steel halls with a width of 8 m
  • steel halls with a width of 12 m
  • steel halls with a width of 16 m
  • steel halls with a width of 20 m
  • steel halls with a width of 32 m
  • steel halls with a width of 40 m

possibility to make other dimensions on request

Length of steel modular halls HalMod:

  • 4.19 m – width of the module including frame posts
  • 4.00 m – width of the so-called. “light” of the module, i.e. the space between the pillars.

If necessary, it is possible to shorten the modules to 3 meters or extend them up to 5 meters.

HalMod steel hall height:

The standardized heights of HalMod steel structures are the dimensions of the height of the side wall:

  • 3,3 m
  • 5,5 m

If necessary, it is possible to adjust the height to meet the needs of the investor.

Wall transoms - steel hall

Each module of the hall is equipped with wall and roof transoms,which allows you to install the cladding of the hall walls in the chosen technology – trapezoidal sheets (link) or sandwich panelse (link).

The hall module is the basic element that makes up the structure of the hall. It is 4.19 meters wide, and its multiples form the length of the hall (4.19 meters is the width of the module including the frame columns, and 4 meters is the width of the so-called “light” of the module, i.e. the space between the columns).

Steel construction of the hall - modular technology means savings for the investor

Repeatability of the modules makes HalMod steel halls are 30-40% cheaper than traditional technology. Quick and easy steel hall assembly, without the use of heavy equipment is savingon both man-hourshours, as well as on building materials. For a small hall, the process of building a hall can take less than 7 days. And this means that your hall can start working for you at an express pace.

Steel hall - the structure will stand on your plot in a few days

Assembly of HalMod steel hall structures does not require specialized equipment. No welding work is needed, without which you can not do without in the case of heavy and massive steel structures. All elements of the structure are marked and numbered. For assembly basic hand or power tools, scaffolding and a forklift or loader are sufficient. Thanks to the proven modular technology ordered with us modular steel hall you can assemble yourself (according to the specific steel hall project)and if you want to have assembly of the modular hall, then you can outsource it to us.

Steel hall construction - design and documentation

Want to build a steel hall, but don’t know what paperwork to go through and don’t have a project? We will be happy to assist in the preparation of the documentation necessary to obtain a building permit or hall for notification. Our architect can create a concept and architectural steel hall design Tailored to your expectations. We have extensive experience in carrying out such orders – with our help, obtaining a building permit and starting construction will be faster and easier.

Hall steel structure - quality, economy and maximum speed of construction

Detailed description of HalMod steel hall components:

Load-bearing structure of the steel hall

Modern technological solutions ensure that the highest quality of the hall’s load-bearing elements, maximum stability and resilience are maintained, and the modular technology makes it possible to obtain an attractive price offer.

  • A set of profiles made of galvanized structural steel of the highest quality – S350GD+Z and S355JR electro-galvanized (silver color).
  • The metal sheets used for the profiles forming the supporting structure of the hall have two additional embossing, which significantly strengthens the structure while maintaining its lightness
  • after the reinforcing embossing, the elements are bent to the desired shape
  • Sheets used in hall structures are made by laser cutting technique with the use of a gas flange (surrounded by nitrogen), which is the best method for stainless steels and guarantees high quality of the edges of the cut elements, and additionally provides protection of the cut edges (the process of cicatrization of the cut edges by the zinc coating)
  • In addition, the structure of the hall is stabilized by the necessary stiffeners (so-called bracing) adjustable with turnbuckles.
  • The individual structural components are connected to each other using steel bolts with reinforced strength.

Roof structure of modular steel hall

The solid roof structure of the steel hall is manufactured from the same material as the structure of the supporting elements.

  • The roof skeleton of the steel hall is formed from a set of profiles made of galvanized structural steel. Two embossments are made on the elements that make up the structure of the hall’s roof, causing them to be significantly strengthened, and then the necessary bends are made.
  • Gas flange laser cutting guarantees high quality edges of cut parts and is the most precise method for stainless steels. Using this process ensures the protection of the cut edges and the formation of a zinc coating.
  • The bracing that stabilizes the roof structure is adjusted with turnbuckles.
  • Trapezoidal sheet metal panels or sandwich panels can be used as finishing elements for the roof structure.

Side walls and gable walls of the steel hall structure

Side walls and gable walls HalMod modular halls are equipped with wall transoms in the form of C-shaped sections. The transoms mounted in the steel structure are an additional reinforcement, so that while maintaining the lightness of the structure, its maximum stability is ensured. Such technology allows the structure to be stably erected even without being permanently set on foundations.

Properties of transoms in HalMod steel halls:

  • are mounted with fasteners at specific locations in holes prepared in the poles – there is no need for additional drilling of holes in the structure,
  • it is possible to reverse mount the transoms in the walls, so they can be used as troughs for laying electrical and other installation cables
  • allow the installation of sandwich cladding panel in a vertical arrangement and trapezoidal panel without the need to add additional elements to the structure for the installation of cladding
  • At the same time, they provide additional tightening points for cladding panels, increasing the stability of cladding fastening.

Rooflights in steel hall construction

The use of a skylight in the steel hall structure makes it possible to obtain natural lighting for the hall and reduce electricity consumption for interior lighting. The structure of the rooflight is made of aluminum profiles in natural color. The base of the skylight is made of galvanized steel sheet. The filling of the skylight is made of transparent multi-chamber polycarbonate with a thickness of 10-25 mm. This design allows the roofing to remain airtight and natural lighting to be available.

Insulation of the walls of the modular steel hall structure

Depending on the intended use of the steel hall, it is possible to use wall infill to maintain adequate thermal insulation. With the right materials, it can be created insulated steel hall, which will perfectly protect the premises from temperature changes.

HalMod steel hall insulation can be made of sandwich panels with different types of fillings. The core of the sandwich panel is sandwiched between trapezoidal sheet panels:

  • polystyrene
  • mineral wool 60-140 mm thick
  • Trapezoidal sheet with different types of profiles and sheet thickness.

The choice of infill and wall and roof cladding depends on the individual needs of the investor and the purpose of the steel hall under construction.

Openings in the walls of the steel hall - gates, doors and windows

Installation of doors, gates and windows in a steel hall is a very simple procedure thanks to special technological solutions. The design of the HalMod modular hall makes it possible to place adapters made of galvanized steel profiles in the walls of the hall. These adapters provide the basis for easy installation of doors and gates. Windows with standardized dimensions can be installed directly into the sandwich panel that forms the cladding of the hall. If the hall is insulated with trapezoidal sheets or thin sandwich panels, it is necessary to use an additional substructure for the installation of windows.

The installation of doors, windows and gates in a steel hall directly affects its functionality – thanks to simple installation technology, you can plan a hall precisely tailored to your needs.

Drainage of water from the steel hall

For efficient drainage of precipitation, the hall can be equipped with gutters. The design of the HalMod hall allows the facility to be equipped with a set of roof gutters and downpipes, made of galvanized or coated steel sheets. Such finishing of the hall ensures trouble-free drainage of excess rainwater.

The construction of the steel hall allows quick construction, and the finished hall is a solid building of the highest quality.

Steel halls prices – check the offer of HalMod

Request a quote for the construction of a HalMod steel hall.