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What distinguishes the modular halls of Halmod Group Heverc

HalMod modular halls Heverc group - advantages

HalMod modular halls thanks to the use of the highest quality steel construction of the hall provide modern work, storage or production space for your company. If you want gain quickly new production or storage space, then we can help you with that. Why entrepreneurs and farmers have already chosen HalMod? Check it out!

Modular hallready in a few days

Express installation of modular hall – even in a matter of days – is made possible by repeatable components. HalMod steel hall construction is made of reinforced galvanized cold-formed steel (Structural steel profiles with ribbing to reinforce structural stability). Does not require the use of heavy and massive components, which weigh down traditional steel structures. Assembly of the steel hall HalMod does not require welding work. As a result, its modular hall You will build in a very short time, using the instruction manual you receive from us (showing the step-by-step assembly process) and standard tools (such as a step-up, screwdrivers, socket wrenches, etc.). You can also order a hall with installation from us. You save time, because assembly of the modular hall can take place, after the foundations are made, at the same time as other work on the construction site.

Foundations for steel hall – foundation columns

You can also order from us the construction of foundation slab or drilled foundations for a steel hall, so called. foundation columns. Read more about Foundations for a steel hall (link to article on foundations).

Steel halls – top quality construction

W HalMod steel halls we use robust structural elements made of reinforced, galvanized cold-formed steel. The steel structure of the hall is made of specially prepared elements, such as:

  • hot-dip galvanized structural steel profiles
  • ribbing to strengthen the stability of the structure
  • bolts with higher strength class are used to assemble the structure

All components are high-precision thanks to cutting by laser. With HalMod designs, you get the assurance of long-term use of the hall in all weather conditionsas well as the possibility of expanding the hall (link to art) or disassembly of the hall (link to article) and moving it to another location.

Complete steel hall construction

HalMod hall construction contains all the elements and materials you need to assemble your own modular hall, i.e:

  • bolts with higher strength class and washers
  • hall bracing with turnbuckles
  • wall and roof transoms to enable the installation of the hall’s wall and roof cladding.

Steel hall wall transoms
– Wall transom profiles mounted inverted can also serve as a finished element to form troughs for laying sanitary and electrical installations necessary in your hall.

Steel hall housing – compatibility with available finishing materials

HalMod’s modular steel hall structures allow the use of standard finishing materials available on the market. Steel hall cladding – The walls and roof of the hall are possible with standard materials. You will build the HalMod steel structure using sandwich panel (link to art) or trapezoidal sheet (link to art). Installing doors, windows, skylights in a steel hall is no problem, and special adapters allow you to install doors and gates in your modern steel hall without any problems. If you need additional space, your steel hall can be equipped with a mezzanine floor or shelves adapted to the hall structure.

Structure safety – wind and snow load

Any building structure must be able to withstand snow and wind loads in addition to its own weight. HalMod’s steel structure designs take into account the load of atmospheric factors such as wind and snowfall in accordance with current construction standards, the PN-EN 1991-1-4 wind standard and the PN-EN 1991-1-3 snow standard. It is known that the accumulation of snow on the roof of a building can be a dangerous phenomenon – which is why we strictly adhere to the aforementioned building standards when designing. Thus, the HalMod steel structure provides safe use all year round.

Solar panels on the roof of a steel hall

We offer the possibility to design steel hall construction for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This is an excellent way to utilize a large roof area and The use of solar energy in your business or farm.

Modular halls – an offer tailored to your needs

HalMod modular halls provide a wide range of applications and offer many possibilities for your business. HalMod modular steel structures can serve as:

  • workshops and garages
  • magazines
  • agricultural halls
  • production halls
  • commercial premises.

Possibility to expand or dismantle the steel hall

Is your business growing and you need more space? Thanks to HalMod modular system is possible rapid expansion of a steel hall for additional usable or storage space. HalMod steel hall you can not only expand, but even move to another location. Dismantling and reassembling the hall in another location is not a problem. HalMod modular steel structures is Flexibility and more possibilities in your business.

Check out the offer on steel halls – HalMod construction

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