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Dismantling the steel hall and relocating the facility

Dismantling a steel hall and relocating the facility – is it possible? Perhaps your steel hall stands on leased land. Are you considering moving your company headquarters to another location? The company is growing and it would be a good idea to move to a larger plot of land? The HalMod steel hall can be dismantled and moved with your company to a new location at any time. This solution, the dismantling of the steel hall, means more freedom for you when deciding to relocate your business and a significant reduction in moving costs. Read how it works!

Dismantling the steel hall – stages

Dismantling of the hall structure can be done on your own or commission our specialists, who will dismantle your steel hall quickly and with the utmost care. Stages dismantling of the steel hall do not require the use of specialized equipment, because modular structures are devoid of welded joints.

Demolition of the steel hall includes:

  • Removal of wall and roof cladding (trapezoidal sheet metal, sandwich panels)
  • dismantling of partition walls
  • dismantling of the mezzanine and shelving
  • dismantling of gates, doors, windows
  • dismantling of the supporting structure of the hall

Relocation of steel hall to another location

Dismantling the steel hall allows recovering the entire structure and reassembling the hall elsewhere using the same elements. Thus, as an investor, you recover the vast majority of your costs (the only loss is the foundation, which cannot be moved to another location). Structural elements of steel halls are lightweight, strong and easy to transport. Loading and transportation of steel structures to a new location can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Installation of steel hall at new location

After dismantling, the steel hall structure is bolted to its new destination using approved bolted connections. It is necessary, of course, to build the foundation beforehand. All the process of reassembling the steel structure proceeds in the same way as
construction of a steel hall
. Changing the location of the steel hall does not negatively affect the robustness or functionality of the object.

Sale of used steel hall

Modular hall You can sell it if you no longer need it. Easy disassembly and transportation allows resale of steel hall another investor. It’s very functional solution chosen by many investors. Whether you intend to build warehouse hall, production hall, industrial hall or any other object based on steel structuresthen at any time you can decide to
reconstruction of the hall
expand the hall
, change of use or move to another location.

Need help dismantling or reassembling your steel hall?

Get in touch with us! We offer comprehensive services for the demolition of HalMod steel halls and their relocation to another location.