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Expansion of the steel hall

Expansion of a steel hall – a warehouse or production hall – is an important stage in the development of a company. When we start a business, we are usually unsure how quickly and how much it will grow. As an entrepreneur – you may be facing a decision: which industrial hall to order? The bigger the hall, the bigger the investment. Can I afford it? And if I build too small a hall and its space will quickly become insufficient. These dilemmas immediately disappear if you order a modular hall. Because a hall built of modules can be expanded at any time! Check out how it works!

When might it be necessary to expand a steel hall?

The most common situations in which you may need to enlarge an industrial hall are as follows:

  • increase in demand for warehouse space
  • the need to expand the production line
  • enterprise expansion
  • expansion of the company’s business profile
  • adaptation to market needs

Expansion of the hall – is it possible?

Expansion of the hall – you may already be asking yourself, is this possible? Regardless of whether you already have hall erected whether you are just planning building a hall, be sure to read our tips. Here we have collected the most important information related to the development of various types of halls. .

Masonry halls – expansion

Expansion of building facilities is not always possible easily and quickly. Putting aside the issues of paperwork and obtaining the appropriate permits, for many types of buildings, expansion is very difficult, if not impossible, and involves high costs and complicated construction and demolition work. Expansion of masonry halls is a complicated, costly, time-consuming process that requires significant design changes and a large amount of interference with the existing shape and parameters of the facility. Time-consuming construction and renovation work disorganize the company’s work for a long time and involve loss of profits. In case of necessity masonry hall expansion in many cases it may be more advantageous to demolish the facility and invest in a new, suitably larger one – preferably with the option to expand in the future if the need arises again.

Steel halls – expansion

All these difficulties will be avoided by choosing HalMod modular steel hall structures. HalMod modular steel halls provide an easy way to expand a production or storage hall. The expansion of the steel hall allows Quickly increase the available square footage needed for the business.

There is also the possibility of To expand the facility with spaces of a different nature than the current one For example, acquiring additional space for:

  • office (production hall with office, warehouse hall with office)
  • enclosure
  • logistics or production procedures.

Expansion of steel halls – expansion of warehouses, logistics, manufacturing, retail, agriculture.

Expansion of the building – created from HalMod steel structures – is an easy process to carry out due to the modularity of the elements. As a result, even unplanned expansion of the hall, e.g. resulting from a sudden change in the market situation, is not a problem, as long as you have a plot of land of sufficient size….

After completing the project and obtaining a building permit you can expand your steel hall. We are happy to help and advise at every stage – from arranging the paperwork, through the construction project to the comprehensive installation of the ordered elements.

Need more information? We are happy to answer any questions!

Steel hall expansion – planned in the project

Need to expand the hall can occur in a variety of situations, regardless of whether it was anticipated in the company’s development perspective or not. In the case of a planned expansion, the situation is comfortable, and it is already taken into account at the stage of the design of the hall structure. It is then possible to design and select a steel frame structure in advance, as well as foundations for a facility that is to be larger in the future.

Expansion of the production and storage hall – method of assembly

HalMod modular steel structures allow you to Virtually unlimited expansion of the facility’s length by adding additional spans. This solution works perfectly if you need a extending the production line or warehouse expansion etc. HalMod modular steel hall structures are designed so that increasing their length does not require special design changes and does not put additional strain on the basic structure. Installation of additional modules and components is done by bolted joints, without welding work and without the need for specialized equipment. If it is necessary to expand the storage space in the high hall, then It is also possible to install a mezzanine floor, which allow even better utilization of storage space in the hall.

HalMod steel hall expansion – advantages

Here are the most important advantages when it comes to expanding HalMod modular halls:
  • is a quick and hassle-free process, because prefabricated components are used
  • demolitions are not needed
  • elements of liquidated walls can be reused
  • structures are relatively lightweight
  • In some cases, it is possible to expand the steel hall without interrupting the company’s work in the existing facility.

Expansion of the steel hall – fire zone

The size of the fire zone of the steel hall depends on the value of fire load inside the object, for example, storage of flammable materials.In the case of expansion of the steel hall Keep in mind to increase the fire zone. In a situation where it is not possible to increase the fire zone, separate the basic part from the added part with a fire separation wall characterized by adequate REI fire resistance.

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HalMod steel hall expansion – summary

HalMod steel hall structures provide you with far greater expansion and transformation possibilities than traditional brick buildings. With modular steel structures, you can afford to Quickly and easily modify your facility without sacrificing load capacity. The HalMod structure can not only be expanded, but also easily dismantled and erected in a new location.

See. Article: Steel hall dismantling and relocation.

Our customers appreciate HalMod steel halls not only for the high quality and quick installation of the hall, but also precisely for this flexibility and easy expandability of the facility.

Do you want to build or expand your steel hall? Contact us – we will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a quote. We offer steel hall expansion services – from the design of the expansion of a production hall or warehouse to the comprehensive installation of the finished steel hall. You are welcome!