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Reconstruction of steel hall

Modular steel halls provide investors with a great deal of flexibility regarding expansion, reconstruction and repurposing of the steel hall. If your company needs to convert a warehouse hall into a production hall, or if it is necessary to separate an additional office space in an existing steel hall, this is a quick and easy process. It is equally unproblematic to change the use of a facility that requires additional thermal insulation, such as changing a simple warehouse into a cold storage facility. See what remodeling options HalMod steel halls offer.

Steel hall renovation – new gates, doors and windows in the steel hall

If you intend to change the way your steel hall is used, you may need to add new doors, windows or gates. In the case of steel halls, such modification is not a problem – appropriate adapters, transoms and additional mullions make it possible to install gates, doors or windows in a very short time. Simply remove the wall enclosures (sandwich panels or trapezoidal sheets) and conveniently install a gate, door, or window. Significantly, the change in the nature of the development of the facility takes place using the same design elements. The hall does not lose its load-bearing parameters with these modifications, as the The load-bearing steel structure of the hall is not affected with this type of hall reconstruction.

In the case of brick halls Such modifications are associated with major and time-consuming renovation work – changes in the structure of the building, reconstruction and demolition of walls. And sometimes they are even impossible to implement if the planned change involves load-bearing walls.

Separation of rooms in the steel hall

Steel constructions of modular halls allow easy adaptation of space for additional space, e.g. offices, social areas Or separate rooms for each production stage. This may result in, for example:

  • warehouse hall with office
  • workshop hall with office
  • production hall with office

Ways of separating a separate area in a steel hall

  • Partition wall – Inside the hall, partition walls can be erected to separate the space. The simplest method may be to attach the sandwich panel by bolting it to a steel structure – an additional interior column and wall rafters.
  • Mezzanine – The modular construction of the hall can be retrofitted with a mezzanine floor. This allows the creation of additional space that can be used, for example, for an office or separate storage space. Mezzanine elements are easy to install and compatible with the hall structure.

Change of thermal insulation of steel hall

Does your existing hall need insulating and thermal insulation? Are you worried that a lengthy and complicated renovation will be necessary? In the case of modular steel halls, changing the thermal insulation of a building is a very easy procedure. An uninsulated object such as a trapezoidal board warehouse can be insulated easily, without having to significantly interfere with the structure. If necessary, a sandwich panel can be easily and quickly installed on a steel hall originally encased in trapezoidal sheeting to ensure adequate thermal insulation properties. Sandwich panels are bolted to the same wall elements to which trapezoidal sheets were previously attached. Read more about sandwich panels and their thermal insulation properties.

Easy conversion and purpose of the hall

Thanks to modern technical solutions HalMod steel structures provide investors with the possibility of reconstruction and modification of the purpose of the hall Even many years after construction is completed. And that’s without the need for complex renovation work or dismantling of the existing support structure. HalMod modular steel halls also make it possible to efficiently carry out the process of enlargement, expansion of an existing facility – read more about the possibility to steel hall expansion.

Need to rebuild your steel hall? Contact us – we will advise and realize your idea.