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Trapezoidal sheet metal hall

Trapezoidal sheet metal hall - trapezoidal sheet metal for the roof and as cladding for the steel hall

Trapezoidal sheets, i.e. profiled steel sheets, is an economical building material used for covering roofs and walls of steel halls and other construction facilities. Application of trapezoidal sheets as steel hall cladding allows the realization of robust structures in which Trapezoidal sheet can be used both as a roofing and as a material for steel hall wall cladding. Trapezoidal sheet is characterized by a specific trapezoidal embossing profile that reinforces the steel sheet and makes it ideal for covering all kinds of surfaces, especially in facilities that do not require insulation. Trapezoidal sheet metal hall It is perfectly suitable, for example, for garage halls or tin warehouses, where it is not necessary to maintain a constant temperature.

Trapezoidal sheets - properties

Trapezoidal sheets used for the cladding of the hall and as a covering of the roof structure are characterized by very good strength and rigidity of the structure, and at the same time they are an economical solution. Steel hall wall cladding made of trapezoidal sheet metal is a popular way to finish the facade of a building.

The use of trapezoidal sheet metal is possible in many types of construction projects due to:

  • A wide range of trapezoidal sheet profiles (heights from 6 mm to 200 mm),
  • Choice of sheet types (galvanized, coated),
  • The availability of sheet metal of different thicknesses,
  • The possibility of cutting to size,
  • rich colors.

These properties of profiled sheets allow them to be used on roofs and walls, gates and fences, and load-bearing structures in individual and industrial construction. Trapezoidal sheets are also ideal for casing of steel constructions of HalMod modular halls. Installation of trapezoidal sheeting on a steel structure is the solution chosen by many of our customers.

Anticondensate in trapezoidal sheets

An important feature of of trapezoidal metal sheets is the possibility of applying to them anti-condensation. It is a special coating that retains moisture preventing it from dropping, while allowing accumulated moisture to evaporate. Such a solution provides an opportunity to significantly reduce or even eliminating condensation on the sheet metal surface.

Types of trapezoidal sheets for steel structures

Depending on the type of trapezoidal sheet metal covering finish, we can distinguish several basic types of profiled sheeting:

  • Galvanized steel sheet – zinc coated sheet.
  • Coated aluzinc sheet-with a double-sided coating of zinc-aluminum alloy obtained by the electroplating process. This coating increases the elements’ resistance to adverse weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.
  • Coated aluminum sheet.
  • Sheet metal with a polyester layer – often used for roofing of residential buildings. The metal core is protected by special coatings: zinc and primer. The top layer is a polyester coating with a thickness of several to tens of micrometers.

All types of sheet metal can be ordered in the color of your choice – trapezoidal sheet colors available for ordering at HalMod Group Heverc:

Standard colors available

Need more information? We are happy to answer any questions!

Profiles of trapezoidal sheets - profiled sheets

The use of trapezoidal sheets in building structures depends on the height of the sheet profile. As standard, T35 trapezoidal sheet metal is used for the hall walls, which is sturdy and also an economical solution. For the roof of the hall, we use a minimum of T50/55 sheets so that they do not bend when walking on the roof. In addition to the height of the profile, the thickness of the sheet metal is also important, for example, 0.5 mm trapezoidal sheet metal can be used as the cladding of the hall wall, and at least 0.7 mm for the roof.

Low profile trapezoidal sheets T6 – T60 and T14 – T60

It can be used for covering facade (T6 – T60) and roof (T14 – T60) surfaces of single-family houses, garages and small commercial buildings.

Trapezoidal sheets with a higher profile

Due to their greater strength, they are used on long-span roofs and in load-bearing structures.

Trapezoidal sheets with profile height T50 – T200

It is used for the construction of large industrial, service or commercial buildings.

Trapezoidal sheets with the highest profiles T135 – T200

It is used in load-bearing structures with significant spans (flat insulated roofs with large areas) and for making ceilings, for example, on mezzanines

Trapezoidal sheet for steel hall and trapezoidal sheet for roof – We will help you make the best choice.

Attachment of trapezoidal sheet metal to the steel structure of the hall

The steel structure of the HalMod hall allows easy assembly of trapezoidal sheet metal to the steel skeleton of the hall.

  • trapezoidal sheet metal for the roof
  • trapezoidal sheet metal for the wall

Fixing of trapezoidal sheet to steel structure can be made in-house. We also provide the possibility of ordering such a service from us – you will then receive a comprehensive installation of trapezoidal sheet metal On the roof and on the walls of your hall. Our installation price includes all the necessary components for installation and flashing, that is, finishing the elements – the service is comprehensive and you do not have to worry about additional flashing.

Trapezoidal sheet metal - for the roof and wall of a steel hall

Choosing the right roofing and type of hall cladding Are very important in the construction of a steel hall. Type used sheet metal cladding affects the thermal conditions inside the hall, the cost of construction and the external appearance of the steel hall. Trapezoidal sheeting is perfectly suited foro cover walls and roofs of buildings that do not require thermal insulation, and the large selection of profiles and sheet colors makes it possible to realize almost any project. Investors also appreciate The durability of the material and an economical solution.

We professionally advise you on the selection of the appropriate hall cladding, adapted visually and in color to the environment in which your hall is erected. Investors appreciate such a solution and are eager to receive our advice in this regard.

Need more information? We are happy to answer any questions!